Don’t Change, Be Yourself

  “Don’t change so people will like you. Be yourself and the right people will love the real you.”

Change. We’ve all thought about it. Maybe it worked for you, maybe it didn’t. But there are many different types of change. There’s the type of ‘change’ when you want your life to be a bit more interesting, there’s the ‘ change ‘ when you want to start becoming a healthier person, and the list goes on….But NEVER change yourself just to please another person. Maybe you want to be friends with them, or maybe even more than that, but don’t change yourself for that. In the end the person will not appreciate and value the true you, and you won’t be comfortable being someone you’re not. Being someone you’re not and having to keep up that play is a hard and difficult task. You will give up midway due to some reasons most probably, or you will continue to bear the pain till the end..when you realize that you’ve achieved nothing.

A lot of people have tried to change themselves for other people. But why? Why do you want them to know you so badly that you would change yourself? You just be the normal you , talk to other people normally and they will start liking you for you. Being yourself is something hard in this society where everybody tries to blend in and try to be something they’re not. Don’t apologize if people don’t like you being you, feel sorry for them because they can’t be theirselves either most probably. At least if you’re being yourself, you’re being an original and not a copy. Just let yourself be yourself, then you won’t have to worry about anything . If you’re being yourself, you can be very unique, talented and creative in your own way without having to think what others think about.

“Be yourself before you forget who you really are”. You were created for a purpose. Everyone has an opportunity to be good at whatever they want, Be it football, chess, dance etc.  So do what you love! Love people and people will love you back. Love life and life will love you back. Being yourself is better than being a fake or a liar. We live in a world where we get constant pressure to be like someone else. This is known as comparison. Don’t let this get to you, you need to step up your game and prove you can be who you want to be in this world. Change can be good for some instances, change can also be considered as a good thing. But changing yourself is never the solution to anything.

Remember these golden words,” Be yourself. Accept yourself. Value yourself. Forgive yourself. Bless yourself. Express yourself. Trust yourself. Love yourself. Empower yourself”. You aren’t going to achieve anything by being someone else. Don’t be anything other than yourself. People will then know you for your strength and not weakness.

” Beauty begins the moment you start being yourself.”


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