The truth about life

image           “Life is like a camera. Focus on what’s important, capture the good times, develop from the negatives and if things don’t work out- Take another shot”

We’ve all heard that quote at some point. We want life to go as we wish it could, would and should. But if that keeps going on, then it’s not life. In the end it will turn boring. Nowadays we don’t focus on what’s important for us, instead we want to know what goes on in other people lives. We capture what we call “good times” like going to the mall or eating an ice cream with loads of selfies and pictures. Most of us are never able to develop from the negatives because once a person says something bad about us, it keeps on replaying in our heads, and eventually it gets stuck there.

I was born in the 21st century. So I don’t know what happened in the 90’s and 80’s. But one thing I know is that they had more fun than us. We never made so many friends that we could go out and play with , instead we accepted friend requests on Facebook from a stranger having a lot of mutual friends with us, and we don’t even talk to them or the mutual friends often. Unlike the 90’s and 80’s kids who had real goals, our goals were to get a certain amount of followers and likes on Instagram.

What we are living like today is not life. We are missing out on a lot of things that we might regret missing  in the future . Nowadays we see elementary school kids with iPhones who never leave the house. Our schools have laptops, projectors and such. Now don’t get me wrong, having all this is truly a blessing. But nowadays once we start to use something, we forget to stop. Most of us never played real games like hide and seek or such, instead we mastered candy crush and temple run.

We need to start living life for a reason. Not just for WiFi and games but also for the betterment of the world. Don’t live life on social media. In social media, nobody gives a crap about theirselves, they look at what shit other people have been doing. Stop sending messages on your group chats in whatsapp, instead talk to them face to face.

Stop living life the wrong way, start living it the right way from now on.




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